I’m a Champion of Eriador

Today marks an important date in my life as a Hobbit of Middle-earth, because I finally completed Volume I of the Epic Quest storyline!

I used to skip all the Epic Quests, because I was incredibly lazy and, being able to play only few hours a week in small chuncks of time, I wanted to explore new places without putting much effort to complete instances. After finishing Moria and getting tired of the Lothlorien repeatable quests, I found myself a little burned out with the game, I didn’t want to risk my life in Mirkwood yet and I didn’t want to purchase other regions. Thankfully my friends convinced me that the Epic Quest line wasn’t that bad, so I decided to give it a second chance and I picked it up from where I had left, like Book IV. I had 11 books of quests to complete and it looked like an impossible thing to do for me. But here I am with my new beautiful pony celebrating the victory!


I really enjoyed the story and I think LOTRO did a great job with these new characters that weren’t part of Tolkien’s original work. Here are some screenshots of the last part of the journey.


My plans are now to become Kindred with the Galadhrim and finish Volume II of the Epic Quest line, because I (obviously) neglected it when I was playing in Moria last year. Then, I’ll allow myself to continue helping Bingo Boffin and finally explore Mirkwood.

My goal for the future is to do the Epic Quests along with the regional ones, this way I’ll have a mix of easy and difficult things to do, I’ll keep up with the story and I won’t find myself again doing an instance after another. Lesson learned.



The Shire to Fornost: A Hobbit Historical Field Trip

Yesterday, I ventured myself to Fornost during one of the historical field trips that the Grand Order organised. Despite the desolate place full of danger things and creatures, we had a great time!

The purpose of the trip was to reach Fornost, the northern city where the free people stood against an ancient evil a thousand years ago. If you want to know more about this place and the role played by the Hobbits in this story, Lina published a very interesting lecture on her blog.

Here some pictures from last night.


A Yule Present

A Yule Present

Dear Neti,
how are you? I hope you made it safe and sound in your burrow and you started decorating it for Yule.

Probably you’re wondering why there is Acorn secured at the fence in your yard. I’ll be honest, that animal is very fond of you and she missed you. I noticed a sadness in her eyes and a lack of her usual enthusiasm.
That’s why I decided to send her to you. I remember you recently lost your pony, so I believe that Acorn will be a good companion for you, even if you aren’t a Dwarf.

I wish you a merry Yule and I hope to see you again, sooner or later.


ScreenShot00396 (1)

The 4th Annual Haunted Burrow Ghostwalk

The 4th Annual Haunted Burrow Ghostwalk

It’s big, it’s broad
It’s broad it’s bright,
It fills the sky on All Hallow’s Night.
The grandest sight ye’ve ever seen.
Tis the Party Tree on Hallowe’en!

4th Annual Haunted Burrow Ghostwalk and Tales

ScreenShot00350 Yesterday I joined my friends and Nannie for a great adventure in the Haunted Burrow. The Ghostwalk has been very funny, also, everybody wore a special costume (I’ll remember Potty’s one for a long time *chuckles*).

ScreenShot00351 ScreenShot00353