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Nice Guests

It’s always nice having guests in my little burrow.


From the latest Songburrow Burrow Crawl event.

The 4th Annual Haunted Burrow Ghostwalk

The 4th Annual Haunted Burrow Ghostwalk

It’s big, it’s broad
It’s broad it’s bright,
It fills the sky on All Hallow’s Night.
The grandest sight ye’ve ever seen.
Tis the Party Tree on Hallowe’en!

4th Annual Haunted Burrow Ghostwalk and Tales

ScreenShot00350 Yesterday I joined my friends and Nannie for a great adventure in the Haunted Burrow. The Ghostwalk has been very funny, also, everybody wore a special costume (I’ll remember Potty’s one for a long time *chuckles*).

ScreenShot00351 ScreenShot00353

Archet Aid

Archet Aid

Dear Primula,

I’m sorry for waiting so long before writing you. The Grand Journey Home brought me so far from the Shire that I missed you and all my relatives so much, but when my friends call for an adventure, well, I can’t say no.

It was a dangerous journey, after all, and it wasn’t easy for me to write while we were camping, since I was worried to analyse all the unfamiliar sounds around us.

Yesterday I attended my first Archet Aid and I really enjoyed it even if it was the most crowded event I ever attended. Tall people everywhere! I didn’t even know where to put my feet without being pushed or, worse, crushed. Fortunately, I’ve been able to find my friends when I arrived and we had so much fun attending a play, watching Master Hoo’s archery skills, observing a race and their funny competitors and more. A nice event for the people of that unlucky village.

Hope you’re doing well, my friend. I miss you.


The Grand Journey Home – The Shire to Enedwaith

The Grand Journey Home – The Shire to Enedwaith

This is what happened when a bunch of hobbits decide to visit their cousins in Gloomglens, Enedwaith. More info about the Grand Journey Home can be found at Lina’s burrow.

Unfortunately I missed the first leg of the journey, but I reached my friends in time for the other ones.

Bree to Ost Guruth – Sunday, September 13th

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Ost Guruth to Rivendell – Saturday, September 19th

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Rivendell to Echad Dunann – Sunday, September 27th

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