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The Shire to Fornost: A Hobbit Historical Field Trip

Yesterday, I ventured myself to Fornost during one of the historical field trips that the Grand Order organised. Despite the desolate place full of danger things and creatures, we had a great time!

The purpose of the trip was to reach Fornost, the northern city where the free people stood against an ancient evil a thousand years ago. If you want to know more about this place and the role played by the Hobbits in this story, Lina published a very interesting lecture on her blog.

Here some pictures from last night.


The Grand Journey Home – Enedwaith

The Grand Journey Home – Enedwaith

What a journey! It took us so much time and effort, but there actually were hobbits to find at the end of the path. They speak a strange dialect and have beards, like the Dwarves, can you believe that?

They look hospitable and we’re going to spend one last night with them at Maur Tulhau between music and food, of course.

Echad Dunann to Maur Tulhau -Saturday, October 10th

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Quite an adventure! This is something that should be written in our diaries.